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EU Studies in Japan No.41 (2021)


EU-Japan Relations in the Multipolar Era: How EU-Japan EPA/SPA matter in the World?

Nakamura, Tamio.
  • Legal Implications of the Japan-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement
Ando, Ken-ichi.
  • Economic Assessments and Remaining Issues of Japan-EU EPA
Simón, Luis.
  • Subject or Object?: Europe in Sino-American Competition

Open Symposium:

Euro in the Multipolar Era: Challenges after Twenty Years

Ito, Sayuri.
  • Open Symposium ‘Euro in the Multipolar Era: Challenges after Twenty Years’
Takaya, Sadayoshi.
  • On the International Role of the Euro
Hoshino, Kaoru.
  • How can the Stability of the Euro be Secured?
Hasumi, Yu.
  • Russia-China Approach and its Impact on the Euro


Nishikawa, Taro.
  • An Ideational Institutionalist Analysis of the Japanese Trade Policy-Making Process visa-a-vis the EC: Focus on the EC-Level Voluntary Export Moderation in 1983
Harada, Suguru.
  • The Significance of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) in the Development of EU Social Policy: Why has the OMC been Introduced into EU Social Policy?
Matsushita, Shumpei.
  • Progress and Challenges of EU Retail Payments Market Integration
Kojima, Takeshi.
  • Transnational Networks in European Economic Integration in the 1950s
Wierzbowska, Agata.
  • Empirical Evidence on the Determinants of Economic Growth in the European Union: What Effects of Integration?


EU Studies in Japan No.40 (2020)

Topics: EU in a Changing Era – in Search for New Integration

Nakamura, Tamio.
  • The European Union in a Changing World: A New Quest for Further Integration
Youngs, Richard.
  • A reshaped EU foreign policy and its implications for Asian powers
Takaya, Sadayoshi.
  • Future Issues and Challenges for EU Economic Governance
Yufu, Setsuko.
  • The EU Competition Law Policy in the Digital Era and Japan – Mainly about Rules on Platform Business


Tanaka, Susumu.
  • The EU’s new FTA strategy and the introduction of a mechanism to monitor its effectiveness
Konishi, Anna.
  • Historical Analysis of the Creation of European Common VAT System: The European Commission’s Initiative and Member States’ Opposition (1958-1959)
Satake, Soichiro.
  • The Relationship between “Europeanization” and “Politicization”: Challenges Regarding the Formation of EU Citizens’ Awareness
Inoue, Jun.
  • Theoretical approaches to “the genuine EMU”: how can theories explain a gradual process for further integration after the crisis?
Koyama, Yoji.
  • Emigration from EU Periphery and Its Depopulation
Oba, Sawako.
  • EU Conditionality for Stalled Constitutional Reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina


EU Studies in Japan No.39 (2019)

Topics: Populism and the EU as a Regional Actor

Ogawa, Ariyoshi.
  • European Crises and Politicization / Democratic Deficit 3.0
Tanaka, Soko.
  • Populism and the European Union
Komorida, Akio.
  • A Crisis of “Rule of Law” in Poland and the European Union
Flor, Patricia.
  • The EU as a Global Actor in a Changing World


Ishida, Amane.
  • Large Banks’ Strategy Change and Harmonization of Banking Regulation in the EU: An Analysis of the Rule on a Qualifying Holdings in a Credit Institution
Tsuchida, Yosuke.
  • The Process and Problems of the Stabilizing Policy for Italian Banking Crisis
Dohman, Haruhiko.
  • The Development of Priority Measures for Renewable Energy Sources in the EU: Regarding “Priority Access” and “Priority Connection” in the Renewable Energy Directives in 2001 and 2009
Yoshizawa, Hikaru.
  • The Legitimacy of European Union Competition Policy and the Role of Consumers: The Case of the Failed Plan to Establish a Collective Redress System

Book Review

Tanaka, Hiroshi.
  • Farkas Beata (2016) Models of Capitalism in the European Union: Post-Crisis Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan.


EU Studies in Japan No.38 (2018)

Topics: The Treaties of Rome at 60: Critical Reflections

Laffan, Brigid.
Hachiya, Machiko.
Kubo, Hiromasa.
Suami, Takao.


Ayuha, Shinji.
Suzuki, Hirotaka.
Sato, Ikuko.
Kimura, Isamu.
Hayashi, Daisuke.

Book Review

Yamauchi, Susumu.