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45th Research Conference

Exploring the role of the EU as a global standard-setter

Asia University


44th Research Conference

Ukraine Issues and the EU

Aichi University

43rd Research Conference

The Future of Europe and Civil Society

Tokyo Keizai University

42ed Research Conference

Recovery Strategy for Europe after Covid-19: The Potential of the European Green Deal

Online (Zoom Webinar)


41st Research Conference, 2020

EU-Japan Relations in the Multipolar Era: How EU-Japan EPA/SPA matter in the World?

Online (Zoom Webinar)

0th Research Conference, 2019

EU in a Changing Era – in Search for New Integration

Kobe University

39th Research Conference, 2018

Populism and the EU as a Regional Actor

Dokkyo University

38th Research Conference, 2017

The Treaties of Rome at 60: Critical Reflections

Kyushu University

37th Research Conference, 2016

Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Refugees, Terrorism and the EU

Hitotsubashi University

36th Research Conference, 2015

The EU and Asia: Significance of Mutual Interests

Kansai University

35th Research Conference, 2014

Solidarity in the European Union

Rissho University

34th Research Conference, 2013

The Euro Crisis and the Future of the EU

Ritsumeikan University

33th Research Conference, 2012

The EU as a Global Actor

University of Tokyo

32th Research Conference, 2011

Globalization and European Integration Reviewed: Approaching the 20th anniversary of the Internal Market

Matsuyama University

31th Research Conference, 2010

Lisbon Treaty and its Challenges for the EU

Aoyama Gakuin University

30th Research Conference, 2009

Ten Years of the EURO and Financial Crisis

Doshisha University

9th Research Conference, 2008

The EU Environmental Governance and the Globalised World

University of Shizuoka


28th Research Conference, 2007

The 50 Years of Treaty of Rome: The Achievements and Perspectives

Kobe University


27th Research Conference, 2006

Challenges for Future European Integration

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


26th Research Conference, 2005

The EU and Governance

Kyushu University


25th Research Conference, 2004

The IGC and the European Constitution

Waseda University

24th Research Conference, 2003

Enlargement of the EU and Its Implications

Hokkaido University

23th Research Conference, 2002

The Euro Revisited

Nihon University

22th Research Conference, 2001

The Treaty of Nice and the Future of Europe

Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University

21th Research Conference, 2000

Theoretical and Historical Analysis on European Integration: In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Schumann Declaration

Kindai University

20th Research Conference, 1999

The EU moving towards the 21st Century

Keio University