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EUSA-Japan 26th Annual Conference

Main Theme: The EU and Governance
12-13 November 2005, Kyushu University

The 1st Day

1. Group Sessions (13:00-14:45)

Group A (In English)
Chairperson: Yoshikatsu WASHIE, Professor, Doshisha University
(1) Stephen DAY, Associate Professor, Oita University
The European Political Parties and Supranational Governance
(2) Meri OKANO, Ph.D. Candidate, Waseda University
Governance on the European Spatial Policy – Governing European Space –
(3) Yoichiro USUI, Professor, Niigata University of International and Information Studies
Soft Law in EU Environmental Governance: An interface between law and politics?

Group B (In Japanese)
Chairperson: Tamio NAKAMURA, Professor, Tokyo University
(1) Maho KAWAGOE, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Law, Keio University
An Analysis on the “Europeanization” ? : From a Viewpoint of EU Policy-Process
(2) Yoshitoshi MINAMI, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Law, Kobe University
Political Power of the ECJ and its Limits: Free Movement of Food and Food Safety Regulations in the European Union
(3) Nobuo YAMAMURA, Research Fellow / Satoshi MITAMURA, Technical Researcher, Financial Research and TrainingCenter
Correlation of the EU and its Member Countries in regards to Financial Services Providers and Regulators

Group C (In Japanese)
Chairperson: Takumi SHIMADA, Professor, Doshisha University
(1) Kazuyoshi MATSUURA, Professor, Matsuyama University
The Conditions of Stabilizing the Eurosystem: how peripheral nations cope with the single ECB monetary policy
(2) Kenichi ANDO, Associate Professor, PhD (Economics, University of Reading), Shizuoka University
EU Enlargement and Multinational Enterprises: the Case of Japanese Foreign: Direct Investment into Central and Eastern European Countries
(3) Hiroshi HOSOYA, Associate Professor, Hirosaki University
The Transformation of Car Production Networks in the European Automobile Industry

Short Break (14:45-15:00)

2.  Plenary Session (15:00-17:30) (in Japanese / English)
Chairperson: Toshiro TANAKA, Professor, Keio University
(1) Takashi OKAMURA, Professor, Sophia University (in Japanese)
Environmental Governance: Comparative Analysis of EU and Japan Environmental Law
(2)   Shosaku MASAI, Professor, Waseda University (in Japanese)
Corporate Governance in the EU
(3)   Anton PELINKA, Professor, University of Innsbruck (in English)
Governance in the EU

Buffet Dinner (18:00-20:00)

The 2nd Day (Sessions in Japanese)

1.  Morning Session (10:00-12:00)
Chairperson: Yasuyuki KOKUBO, Professor, University of Shizuoka
(1) Yuh HASUMI, Professor, Rissho University
European Neighbourhood Policy as a Formation Process of Regional-Global Governance
(2) Hirotaka WATANABE, Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
The Impact of Referendum on the Ratification of the EU Constitutional Treaty in France

Lunch Time (12:00-13:00)

 2.  Afternoon Session (13:20-14:30)
Chairperson: Takao SASAKI, Professor, Hokkaido University
(1) Yuji INOUE, Lecturer (part-time), Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
EU Governance in the Global Economy: European Institutions and Political Change
(2) This session was cancelled