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EUSA-Japan The 29th Annual Conference

Topics:  “The EU Environmental Governance and the Globalised World”
22-23 November 2008, University of Shizuoka

 The 1st Day

1. Plenary Session (13:00-15:10)
Chairperson: Kouji FUKUDA, Professor, Waseda University
(1) Takashi OKAMURA, President of Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth
The EU Environmental Governance and the Globalised World
(2) Yoichiro USUI, Professor, Niigata University of Intl. & Info. Studies
  The EU Sustainable Development Strategy and its Implications on European Integration:
        Providing the Story of a Promised Land?
(3) Kenichi OSHIMA, Professor, Ritsumeikan University
  Integrated environmental and energy policy in the EU

Short Break(15:10-15:30)

2. Plenary Session (15:30-17:20)
Chairperson: Shosaku MASAI, Professor, Waseda University
(1) Setsuko YUFU, Atsumi & Partners
  Comparative Study of the Emissions Trading Systems and Practice in EU and Japan
(2) Professor Dr. Frank Delmartino, the University of Leuven (in English)
  Environmental Governance: a multi-level governance approach

General Assembly (17:20-17:40)
Buffet Dinner (18:00-20:00)
Venue: Hotel Century Shizuoka(1 minute from JR Shizuoka Station)

The 2nd Day

 1. Group Sessions (9:00-12:15)

Group A
Chairperson: Kenji IWATA, Professor, Kyushu University
(1) Yukari AKEDA, Senior Researcher of Keio Jean Monnet Centre
  Balancing Trade and Environment: The EU Method and Its Projection in the WTO
(2) Yoshiharu ICHIKAWA, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, NHK
  Environmental policy and EU competition law – in the context of the “Modernisation” reforms –
(3) Kenji YAMAMOTO, Professor, Kyushu University
  European policy for urban issues under the globalization.
  Focusing on the sustainable development program for problem quarters in German cities.

Group B
Chairperson: Asatsugu TATSUMI, Professor, Hannan University
(1) Tomonori YOSHIZAKI, Director, National Institute for Defense Studies
  EU and Peacebuilding--European Approach to Security Sector Reform
(2) Toshiya NAKAMURA, Professor, University of Nagasaki
  European Security Order and Germany: Challenges and Dilemmas of the Merkel government
(3) Tetsuya YAMAJI, Professor, The Japan Coast Guard Academy
  The Policy of Maritime Safety and Marine Environment Protection in the EU
  - Consideration of Directive on “Place of Refuge”

Group C (in English)
Special Session organized by “Wider Europe Research Center” of the University of Shizuoka
“The Enlarged EU and its New Neighbour Countries”
Chairperson: Yu Hasumi, Professor, Rissho University
(1) Yasuyuki KOKUBO, Professor, University of Shizuoka
  European Neighbourhood Policy: its assessment and challenges
(2) Shigeo MUTSUSHIKA, Professor, University of Shizuoka
  Eastern dimension of the ENP: comparative analysis of effects
(3) Michael Reiterer, Adjunct Professor, University of Innsbruck
  The EU and the ‘Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean’ ? Old wine in new bottles?

Lunch Time (12:15-13:15)
General Assembly (13:15-13:30)

3. Plenary Session (13:30-16:00)
Chairperson: Hiromasa KUBO, Professor, Kobe University
(1) Kunio IWAMATSU, Candidate, Graduate School of Economic, Kobe University
  Environmental and Energy Policy in the EU for Biofuels, and Comparative Analysis for EU countries
(2) Machiko HACHIYA, Professor, Kyushu University
  Dynamics of the Energy Supply Security Strategies of the EU toward Turkey’s Accession
(3) Yu HASUMI, Professor, Rissho University
  An EU External Energy Policy and its relations to Russia: Prospects of EU-Russian Energy Dialogue