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The Master course stemmed out from the IDPD Institute (for Peace and Development) inside the Law Faculty. It was established under the aegis of International Law Professor DUPUY and eventually by EU Law Professor RIDEAU. Lectures are mainly in French language, except the courses on “English for Law practitioners” as well as for WTO Trade Defence and “Practice on international bargaining on policy-making and business”.

Here is the Website.

As the course is financially supported mostly by the EU, the tuition fees for the whole master are only 500 euro approximately (subject to confirmation but the fee would not change from that range). The University has a canteen restaurant where the full warm meal would cost a few euro. The climate is dry and mild throughout the year, also in winter.

Here is a general introduction to the city of Nice on the French Riviera.

Nice has quite available accomodation facilities during the core-period of the Master Programme at the Law Faculty from September to May (as Nice is a famous seaside resort in France, the peak season is June-July-August where accommodation becomes more expensive).